Bye Bye Norm

Associated Press reports that once prominent “militia” leader Norman Olson has decided to pack it in and leave his home state of Michigan. Olson says, “I can’t live here any longer.” But actually Norm just can’t seem to win an election as local “militia commander” and appears to be a sore loser. Now he wants to stew in colder weather and is on his way to Alaska. Norm claims, “Alaska is a state that offers some hope.” Well, hopefully Mr. Olson will find somewhere to settle there, as remote as possible.

Another “militia” man doesn’t have travel options. Charles Pucket, former “Commander of the Kentucky State Militia,” plead guilty to two weapons charges and one count of intimidating a witness. He was then sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, reports Associated Press.

It seems “militias” have slumped since their pre-Timothy McVeigh peak in the 90s. McVeigh’s execution for the Oklahoma bombing, “militia” arrests and convictions, largely ended their fervor. And the mythology that these groups promoted about their supposed “militia” status today seems fairly ridiculous.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with some guys getting together to play army. That is, as long as no laws are broken. But for many “militia” types this seems impossible. Perhaps other disgruntled “militia” members will soon join Norm for winter war games in Alaska. As Olson says, there might be “some hope.”


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