Hate group leader William Pierce abandoned his family and promoted hate from an isolated compound for almost twenty years. Intensely focused upon communicating his message, he ironically lost touch his own children, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

One of Pierce’s sons said, “His family was of no importance to him.”

Pierce accumulated a considerable estate including land and other assets, but left everything to the “National Alliance,” the hate group he founded. Ultimately, his followers became his only real family.

Pierce was once a college professor, but his career was the first casualty of his hatred, which later also consumed his family life. As a father he was a remote figure. It seems Pierce had little room in his heart for much more than his obsessive fixation with racial purity and Neo-Nazi anti-Semitism.

Pierce’s children completely rejected their father’s teachings.

Perhaps the most telling image of anyone, is most often the one held by his or her own family. Pierce may have fantasized about some supposed historical significance, but in the end his family will likely represent his most enduring legacy. Rather than the father of a movement, William Pierce seems to have been no father at all. A man devoid of the very moral authority he so often ranted about.


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