The controversial “Waldorf School” is now seeking official recognition for the establishment of a public school in Montreal, reports the Montreal Mirror.

According to the Mirror Waldorf represents a “pedagogical innovation,” but within a lawsuit filed by parents and teachers in California it was referred to as “rooted in a New Age, cultlike religion.”

Waldorf teaches something-called “anthroposophy,” which is a philosophy originated in 1919 by Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner and first used in Germany.

Waldorf opened charter schools in the United States, which enabled it to receive public funds. Now they want similar status and funding in Canada.

How can a group receive public funds to advance a seemingly sectarian religious philosophy? PLANS, an anti-Waldorf organization, certainly doesn’t think that’s appropriate.

But Waldorf insists that’s not a legitimate question and they advance an innovative teaching method instead.

Apparently though, this method is so innovative that every teacher must learn it only through Waldorf and be subsequently approved, which costs about $15,000. This sounds pretty exclusive.

Does Waldorf want it both ways? That is, insisting upon its exclusive approach, teachers and philosophy for Waldorf Schools, but with funding from taxpayers?


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