Former truck driver now “cult” leader Ronald Lloyd Spencer calls himself “Buddha Maitreya.” But it seems being “Buddha” is just not enough for the Californian.

According to a listener Spencer claimed on his radio show, “that [the Dalai Lama of Tibet] will retire next July and in recognition of ‘Buddha Maitreya’…crown him…and hand over all…ashrams…as well as [his] spiritual seat” to Spencer.

This announcement was made on Spencer’s “Shambhala Hour” program, which is broadcast in the Bay area, Santa Cruz and Omaha, Nebraska.

The self-proclaimed “Buddha Maitreya’s” new position of spiritual authority was supposedly decided upon during a “transcontinental phone call” between Spencer and the revered Tibetan religious leader.


Ron Spencer has now brought new meaning to that classic rock song “California Dreaming.”

The Mt. Shasta guru reportedly has a penchant for pot smoking. Was this dream was discerned through a cloud of Cannabis smoke?

Officials associated with the Dalai Lama deny any recognition whatsoever has been given to Spencer by His Holiness and describe his claims as “nonsense.”

Spencer has also said that he and the Dalai Lama will occupy “throne seats next to each other.”

It may be time for the self-proclaimed “Buddha” to find a new “throne,” but not one anywhere near the Dalai Lama’s spiritual seat.

Perhaps Ron Spencer should set his sights on finding a seat in a restroom. He seems full of something, but it doesn’t appear to be “holiness.”


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