Matt Hale may be an obnoxious hate monger, but he managed to get a law degree. The problem is he can’t use it to make a living.

No one will grant the founder of the “World Church of the Creator” a law license.

But the ever-persistent bigot is back in court with a practicing attorney to argue his case again, reports Copley News Service.

Somewhat like the old adage, “You can’t keep a good man down,” Hale appears to be proof that some bad men are just as buoyant. was first to break the story that Hale was promoting himself through Internet listings as a lawyer, despite repeated court rulings that he could not practice law. According to the State’s County Attorney though, he could get away with such antics through a technical legal loophole.

Hale’s latest effort to exercise his First Amendment rights is stumping for public office. He is running for city council in East Peoria, Illinois. However, the last person to publicly endorse Hale’s character seems to have been Benjamin Smith. Smith subsequently went on a racist killing spree and then committed suicide.

Hardly the kind of endorsement that will get Mr. Hale elected.

The White Supremacist’s prospects for public office look as promising as his law career. Hale couldn’t get elected town dogcatcher. But he might take a shot applying for a janitorial position at the local pound. Maybe then he could find some practical use for his law degree— to paper a pen.


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