George Harrison once sang “My Sweet Lord” in honor of Krishna and he donated property to the Hare Krishna group (ISCKON) near London.

But in the end the former Beatle did not leave ISKCON, which has often been called a “cult,” anything from his $150 million dollar estate, reports the Times of India.

The group somehow believed Harrison would leave them $30 million. However, that appears to have been a delusion, perhaps brought on by excessive chanting.

Krishna devotees previously made the bizarre claim that Harrison’s ashes would be spread on the Ganges. This too proved false.

Maybe Harrison, like many disgruntled Catholics who are now cutting back on their donations to the church, was offended by litigation filed against the religious organization?

There is a $400 million dollar class action lawsuit currently moving through the courts, which exposes years of gross sexual and physical abuse suffered by children, at the hands of Krishna devotees.

Krishna Temples seem to prefer bankruptcy, rather than paying damages to the children who were abused. But it is likely that ISKCON’s actual assets far exceed George Harrison’s estate.

Whatever help the former Beatle naively provided ISKCON during his lifetime, he can now rest in peace. ISCKON can no longer use his name or his money to promote their interests.


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