Winnfred Wright, the leader of what has been called a “family cult” cut a deal in his murder case, reports the Contra Costa Times.

The “cult” leader and two of his female followers have plea bargained their murder and manslaughter charges down to “child endangerment and neglect.”

A 19-month-old boy died within the group from starvation.

It was reported that they “could get prison time,” which means it might be possible for Wright to just walk away with probation after admitting responsibility in a child’s death.

There are still 13 children in what is called “The Family” led by Winnfred Wright. What will be their fate if the “cult” leader who caused one child’s death is allowed to return and run his group once again?

Plea-bargains for killing children are not so easy in Massachusetts.

Jacques Robidoux, member of the “cult” called “The Body” and the father of a child who died from starvation, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his son. His wife is now awaiting her trial on murder charges, which begins next month.

Apparently, the California courts are more lenient with baby killers.


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