Senator Richard Lugar, the incoming chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, found time in his busy schedule last week to help out Rev. Sung Myung Moon.

The Indianna Republican attended a conference at a Washington hotel sponsored by the “Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace,” one of many front organizations used by Moon’s Unification Church.

Lugar was the “keynote” speaker, which drew many Washington notables reports the Washington Times, a newspaper controlled by Moon.

Rev. Moon was ultimately honored for his “33 years of activity in United States.” What “activity” is that? Critics say Moon’s activities in the US include “cult recruitment” and “brainwashing.” But of course that wasn’t mentioned.

It is also unlikely that Lugar and others who attended the coference discussed Rev. Moon role as a self-proclaimed “messiah,” supposedly sent by God to finish the job Jesus never completed. Or that Moon not long ago officiated over the marriage of Jesus in “spirit world,” so that the Savior of the New Testament would be able to enter heaven.

At the conference Lugar said, “The United States of America has in many ways rediscovered the world,” but apparently the senator hasn’t discovered much about Rev. Moon, or he’s deliberately ignoring it.

George H. Bush has a history of cooperation with Rev. Moon, who has paid the former president millions of dollars for speaking engagements internationally. Barbara Bush often accompanied her husband.

There were repeated pleas made to the Bush family from affected families devastated by the Moon “cult” to cease their seeming support. But despite those appeals they continued to appear at such events.

Mr. and Mrs. Bush Sr. claim Moon shares their “family values.”


What “family values” would those be, maybe mass marriage ceremonies?

President George W. Bush had a representative at the recent Moon conference. James Towey, director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was there. Towey said he hoped the administration would have “better results” in the coming year regarding the funding of “faith based” social welfare programs.

Does Rev. Moon hope to benefit from such funding?

Moon apparently stages these self-serving events for more than just his ego, they promote the impression that he is a “world leader.” Unlike Jesus, Moon is not an apolitical “messiah.”

And when well-recognized leaders like Lugar agree to speak at such events they help Moon succeed with that agenda, which assists the Unification Church in the recruitment and retention of members.

At the conference the Indianna senator observed that “ignorance…is inexcusable as well as dangerous,”

Shouldn’t this Hoosier heed his own advice? Lugar’s seemingly willful “ignorance” of how Moon is using him is clearly both “inexcusable” and potentially “dangerous.”


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