Scientology fought the IRS for many years in the United States before finally achieving tax-exempt status.

Now in New Zealand after almost half a century, the organization often called a “cult,” has been officially recognized as a “charity,” reports The New Zealand Herald.

However, Scientology has not done so well elsewhere in world.

In England it has been refused charitable status and in Switzerland it is seen as little more than a nuisance. Both France and Spain have prosecuted the organization criminally.

According to one Swiss report, “Scientology declares its seminar fees as donations…to legitimize tax exemption and justify the harsh business practices.”

And Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard once referred to the group’s methods as a “hard sell” approach. Sounds more like a “con” than a “church” doesn’t it?

Apparently, though the “hard sell” may have worked in New Zealand, Hubbard’s creation is still having difficulties in other parts of the world, where critics don’t seem to think it’s such a charitable concern.


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