Apparently Raelian “expert” Michael Guillen attempted to act as a go-between for potential cloning clients and cloning companies. That is, if he could obtain exclusive rights to the story, according to an article in the NY Times (“For Clonaid, a Trail of Unproven Claims” January 1, 2003 By GINA KOLATA and KENNETH CHANG).

Guillen comes across as someone with a vested interest in the story and not an objective observer. He continues to remain unavailable for comment.

More revelations about Boisselier and Clonaid make it increasingly clear that their claims of producing a human clone are probably bogus. And as a “science reporter” with an “Ivy League” education it seems that Guillen should have known this.

Cloinaid’s “lab” was nothing more than a rented room in an abandoned high school. FDA experts who reviewed their “research records” said, “They were inadequate.”

Boisselier was working with cow embryos, but nothing in her notes indicated an advanced stage of research and/or any scientific breakthrough.

In September of 2001 Guillen reported that Boisselier was being “investigated for fraud.” But just seven months later announced on the TV program 20/20, “I met with Dr. Boisselier…she told me that in two weeks they’re expecting to conceive the first human clone…Ready or not, the technology is on its way.”

It seems that despite his doctorate, Guillen was focused upon sensational headlines, not science. Repeatedly his name comes up, but not as an investigative journalist. He appears to be more of a collaborator. Is this why the Raelians like him so much?

Clonaid Vice President Thomas Kaenzig now admits the whole cloning business was initiated as “a project to create controversy.” He also has confessed that for three years the company was nothing more than a mail drop and “no research was going on.”

The real story about Boisselier, Clonaid and the Raelians is how they seem to have conned both cloning clients and the media for profit and promotion without actually producing anything.

This may be the only “cow” Clonaid successfully conceived in its laboratories, a “cash cow” milked for free publicity.


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