“Elvis priestly” was apparently more than the staid hierarchy of the Anglican Church in Canada was willing to endure, reports The Anglican Journal.

That nickname reflects the cult-like devotion of Rev. Dorian Baxter, Anglican priest and Elvis impersonator.

But Baxter’s church leader felt that the priest should be more focused on the “King of Kings,” than the “King of Rock.”

Popular amongst his flock for dressing up as Elvis to perform his vocation, Baxter’s bishop nevertheless dressed down the Anglican priest. He is now “officially on leave” from his assigned church.

Undaunted, the “Rockin’ Reverend” decided to create his very own “Graceland Independent Anglican Church,” through which he will continue his “Elvis ministry.”

This is not the first house of worship dedicated to Presley, others have sprung up since the star’s death.

Many Elvis fans make a yearly pilgrimage to their icon’s fabled mansion Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Now Presley’s cult following can stop off in Toronto too, and experience Graceland the church.

Perhaps there they will share an ultimate communion, facilitated by a minister equally enthralled with the object of their enduring devotion.

And the King said, “Love me tender.”


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