Heil Hubbard?

Scientology finally achieved tax-exempt status in Germany this month, reports Deutsche Welle.

The organization has striven for years to accomplish this.

One German critic said Scientology “operates as nothing other than a business syndicate with a Mafia-like structure.” And Hamburg’s Scientology commissioner called the organization “dangerous.”

Now defunct George Magazine once reported how Scientology used Hollywood celebrities to lobby Washington and pressure Germany. Stars like John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes spoke out against the German government.

No doubt German Scientologists are happy about their new tax-exempt status. Some might even shout out “Heil Hubbard.” L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology.

However, the majority of Germans will likely continue to be suspicious about Scientology.

Germany’s tragic 20th Century history should make it easy for anyone to understand why its people would be concerned about an essentially totalitarian regime growing in their midst.

According to a recent press report Scientology continues to be monitored closely by 15 of Germany’s 16 states.


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