Scientology won’t be able to advertise it helped 250,000 people beat drug addiction, at least not in Great Britain.

The Advertising Standards Authority there ruled that Scientology must stop posting such claims on billboards and posters because the organization has not proven this claim, reports the London Telegraph.

Does this mean that celebrities like Kirstie Alley and Lisa Marie Presley will temper their remarks about how Scientology “saves people” from drugs?

Probably not.

The authority said, perhaps some people may have been helped, but it’s not clear if they were actually “addicts” and/or what the exact count of those “addicts” is.

Scientology typically pushes a controversial rehab program called Narconon, which supposedly is a vehicle to both beat drug addiction and “purify” users of its residual effects.

The “purification rundown” used within the Narconon program has also been promoted by celebrities like Kelly Preston to rid the body generally of any “toxins.”

However, don’t expect Preston or her husband John Travolta to cite peer reviewed scientific research substantiating such claims, there is none.


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