Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s condo project in Chicago is stalled, while a proposal for a California “peace palace” hit an apparent impasse.

The founder of so-called “Transcendental Meditation” seems to be chanting a mantra for development, but this one is not for spiritual enlightenment. It’s more about real estate development in downtown Chicago.

However, Maharishi’s plan to convert a historic hotel into 39 luxury condominiums beginning at $3.4 million is stalled. And now it may take another mantra focused on financing to jumpstart the project, reports the Columbia Chronicle.

Another of the guru’s schemes also recently hit a snag.

In the posh area of Marin on the San Francisco Bay, Maharishi wants to build a $1.2 million dollar “peace palace,” reports The Marin Independent Journal.

“Peace palaces” are where Maharishi’s followers do what they call “yogic flying” to produce “positive energy.”

Objective observers have said it looks more like hopping around cross-legged in an apparent trance.

Despite his flyers, it looks like the guru’s palace may be grounded, due to zoning and construction costs.

Whatever scheme Maharishi puts together, he always seems to have some spin to get it aloft.

The “peace” the guru seemingly covets, is a piece of the profits.

At 92 Maharishi is still good at making his schemes fly, but the clever guru often takes the precaution of fueling them with other people’s money.


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