Word of Faith Fellowship” (WOFF) is the name of a church in the small town of Spindale, North Carolina run by authoritarian leader Jane Whaley, which has been called a “cult.”

Whaley seems to do pretty much what she likes in Spindale and town officials appear afraid to stop her.

Her latest apparent victim is Shana Muse, a mother of four children and former member of WOFF.

Not only did Muse commit the seemingly “unpardonable sin” of leaving the despot’s domain; she had the effrontery to expect to take her children out too.

Whaley has repeatedly refused to send the children out and they remain essentially under her control despite the fact they are all minors.

Muse has so far not succeeded in gaining them back, even though she is clearly their legal guardian.

The courts have dawdled endlessly in this matter and failed to remove the children from the church for months, apparently afraid of Whaley’s wrath.

But this week a unique confrontation took place. Whaley and her “cult” faced a picket line of protestors, reports the Digital Courier.

Muse and her supporters carried signs and protested quietly just outside church property.

“Jane Whaley Set My Family Free” read the estranged mother’s placard.

No doubt Muse will eventually regain her children since Whaley had no real legal claim.

The amazing thing is how long this has dragged on and what pain officials have allowed this mother to go through.

At times Spindale seems to be a town without pity.


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