Seth Joseph was a senior executive vice president at Digital Lightwave, until he tried to get the sister of Scientology’s supreme leader off the company payroll, reports the St. Petersburg Times.

Joseph wanted to dump Denise Licciardi, the twin sister of David Miscavige, Scientology’s apparent leader for life.

Licciardi was reportedly “linked to an accounting scandal.”

However, the CEO and founder of the company Bryan Zhan, a Scientologist, apparently decided his devotion to the controversial church outweighed obligations to stockholders or creditors.

He fired Joseph; it seems to avoid upsetting his religious leader.

So Joseph sued Digital Ligtwave for wrongful termination and eventually landed a $5.2 million dollar judgment, which the company says it won’t appeal.

But maybe the ex-employee should hurry to collect while he can.

Digital Lightwave appears to be on a downward spiral, recently tapping an emergency credit line to keep afloat.

It seems whatever Scientology courses Zhan took failed to provide him with the insight necessary to keep his company from tanking.

Perhaps the CEO should have watched his bottom line more and worried about Scientology less.


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