According to one news web page in England purported “cult leader,” “liar” and “crazy” L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was really a “humanitarian, world-renowned photographer and author.”

Well, he did write.

Liz Nygaard a reporter for the web page “This is Kent” gushes these posthumous titles within an article about photography workshops held annually within Hubbard’s old mansion in England.

The event, which has been run for seven summers, was organized Gray Levett an English camera dealer.

Levett a Scientologist is ranked by the organization as one of its top 100 International Patrons. This essentially means he gives a lot of money to Scientology.

Levett apparently managed to get Nikon UK LTD, Kodak professional films and the Nikon Owners Club International as sponsors for the Hubbard house workshops.

The stately stone Saint Hill manor house was once a kind of royal residence for L. Ron Hubbard. It was from this manse that he ruled over a burgeoning Sci-fi religious empire through much of the 1960s.

And it was there that Hubbard often instructed his disciples in Dianetics and offered them other Scientology courses and training.

But maybe Ms. Nygaard should have dug deeper and done a little research about the history of this place.

Saint Hill was also where one former member of what he called an “evil cult” testified that “subconscious duress following a period of processing” took place.

Some critics call this process “brainwashing.”

However, now instead of “processing” people it appears film is the preference at Hubbard’s old haunt.


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