Madonna was supposedly “furious” with the press for critically scrutinizing her beloved Kabbalah Centre reported Entertainment News Network.

“What I would really like is for people to do their research,” the singer said. Apparently she is confident that the more people learn about the controversial organization the better they will like it.

But has the 1980s diva followed her advice?

Madonna’s mentors Philip, Karen, Yehuda and Michael Berg are building mansions in Beverly Hills and their pricey little palaces are titled to the nonprofit Kabbalah Centre, which is a religious tax-exempted charity.

“Study and understand,” the diva recently pontificated to the press and “have a completely different view.”

Well the “view” of the Berg family’s fancy new addresses on the 400 block of South Almont Drive in Beverly Hills is impressive.

Each so-called “McMansion” being erected for the Kabbalah Centre’s royal family is worth more than $2 million dollars.

CultNews followed Madonna’s advice and did some “research” so everyone could have a look.

Photo tour of the “McMansions”

Here is a photo of the house still under construction for Papa and Mama Berg.

And these are two cute little multi-million dollar cottages being provided for the baby Bergs.

A reliable source says that Michael Berg’s house is already occupied, but his brother Yehuda’s home is still being completed.

Some months ago it was reported by London Online that Madonna expressed concern about the Kabbalah Centre’s finances. That is, how the spent money on programs.

Well didn’t the once savvy businesswoman do any “research”?

Fox News reported the Kabbalah Centre “Spirituality for Kids Foundation had well over $3 million in net assets…[according to its 2002 IRS filing], but spent only around $600,000 of the money. About $373,000 was used for salaries. Another $133,000 was for office expenses.”

Madonna is a big supporter of this program, funded in part from the sales of her children’s books. She also donated “$22 million for a Kabbalah school in New York” reported the Village Voice.

Maybe the pop diva thinks that building mansions for the Bergs in Beverly Hills is somehow one of the Kabbalah Centre’s “spiritual” or “educational” efforts?

Are the Berg boys the “kids” Madonna wants to help?

The middle-aged pop star posited this question to the press, would they “be less irritated if [she] was studying existentialism”?

It appears that the Bergs are busy studying materialism.

And who better to mentor them than the former “Material Girl” herself.


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