Unlike fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise, commentator Greta Van Susteren knows when to keep her mouth shut. The lawyer and top rated Fox News host says; “I don’t discuss religion, sex or money” reports the Palm Beach Post.

Van Susteran and chubbie hubbie CoaleThe religion Tom Cruise can’t seem to shut up about isn’t a subject the savvy Van Susteren allowed during her interview for Cox News Service.

The 51-year-old newswoman and long-time Scientologist is the daughter of a Wisconsin judge that once helped get Senator Joseph McCarthy elected, the originator of “McCathryism.”

The judge’s daughter graduated from Georgetown and describes herself as a “liberal.”

Van Susteren’s husband of almost twenty years John Coale is also a Scientologist and was once his wife’s law partner.

As CultNews reported some time ago when Coale and Van Susteren worked as legal team they at times were busy busting Scientology’s perceived enemies.

Scientology critic Tilman Hauser has a Web site with specific information about the historical connections between Van Susteren and Scientology.

Hauser discloses the following:

Shades of Tom Cruise and his crusade against psychiatric drugs?

But don’t expect to see this Scientology story in the mainstream media because the Fox News Queen seems to have gotten a pass from reporters, maybe because she is one.  

The power team of Van Susteren & Coale has moved on to much more lucrative things.

Coale helped to negotiate the $386 billion tobacco settlement in 1997.

And Van Susteren launched her career through the William Kennedy Smith rape trial on CNN, though in 2002 she dumped that network to join Fox.

“Greta’s probably the country’s best-known attorney,” Fox’s senior vice president of programming told the Post.

But once upon a time not that long ago Van Susteren was a just another lawyer religiously working for the church she now shrewdly doesn’t want to talk about.


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