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:: January 31, 2003 ::
Is Madonna's "Kabbalah Water" from Canada?

Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are deeply involved in a controversial group called the "Kabbalah Centre," which some people say is a "cult."

One of the most bizarre aspects reported about the group is its heavily promoted "Kabbalah Water." It is hyped as “dynamic ‘living’ water” with “a highly organized structure, crystalline formations and a fractal design.”

Jeanette Walls at MSNBC reports it's the water "Madonna swears by."

But one street-wise New Yorker just told the following:

"I was walking down 48th Street past the Kabbalah Centre, when going in through the service entrance what do I see, but a delivery person bringing in the 'holy water.' The kicker is that each carton was clearly stamped 'product of Canada' and sported a popular brand name."

So what's up?

Does the Kabbalah Centre use two brands of water, or is there really just one with different labeling?

Maybe Madonna is buying less than she bargained for?

Has the "Material Girl" paid a big mark up for bottled water that she might have easily picked up at the corner store?

Yehuda Berg the son of the Kabbalah Centre's founder claims, “We charge the water with positive energy, so that it has healing powers.”

But where do they "charge the water," inside a bottling plant in Toronto?

[Posted by Rick Ross at 06:54 PM][Link]

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