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:: August 24, 2002 ::
Playboy "cult leader" awaits extradition

Once the United States was a playground for purported "cult leader" Amdi Peterson. But now he's traded in his multi-million dollar digs for more modest accommodations in a LA jail. Peterson is being held on criminal charges filed by his native Denmark pending extradition.

Amdi Peterson hired O.J. Simpson's former lawyer Robert Shapiro to represent him. But despite the lawyer's help he will soon be on his way home to face criminal charges according to the Associated Press.

Mr. Peterson once lived a lavish lifestyle in a $6 million dollar penthouse on exclusive Fisher Island in Florida. But while he took in the sun and walked his dogs on the beach, the members of his charity organization called "Tvind" often-struggled in substandard living conditions.

Tvind was supposedly established to help the needy in Third World countries. But it seems now that it became little more than Peterson's personal piggy bank. While many workers for the charity humbled themselves and surrendered their assets for the cause, Peterson spent more than $600,000 just decorating his bachelor pad. Tvind also shelled out $21,000 per month to maintain his country club Florida lifestyle.

However, now it doesn't look like playboy Peterson will stroll along the beach again anytime soon.

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