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:: August 23, 2002 ::
Moon must pay ex-members victimized by "shotgun weddings"

Three former Japanese followers of "cult leader" Rev. Moon of the Unification Church decided they didn't like the spouses he chose for them and wanted out of their arranged marriages. According to Japan Today all three participated in one of Moon's mass weddings, but later sued their former leader.

A court in Japan awarded the plaintiffs about $75,000 dollars in damages. The judge said, "The followers had no freedom to refuse the partners selected for them, and were made to believe that if they did not participate here, they and their ancestors would not be saved."

Rev. Moon has been performing his own variation of "shotgun weddings" on a massive scale for many years. But instead of pregnancy making marriage necessary, it's getting into Heaven. According to Moon singles cannot enter Heaven. Rev. Moon claims it was even necessary for him to officiate over the marriage of Jesus in "spirit world" to help get him in.

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