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:: August 01, 2002 ::
Cult leader sued for $1 billion

Dwight Z. York (56), is the leader of "The United Nuwaubians Nation of Moors." The group's home is a 400-acre ranch 65 miles from Atlanta, Georgia near the small town of Eatonton. The ranch includes a compound with a 40-foot pyramid, Sphinx and array of neo-Egyptian structures. Nuwaubians claim they are the direct descendents of ancient Egyptians, who came to America and became the original Native Americans. Nuwaubians are an African-American "fraternal organization."

Dwight York, now known as Malachi York, claims many titles. He is known to the faithful as both the "The Imperial Grand Potentate" and "The Grand Al Mufti Divan." But York now is being held in federal custody on charges of transporting minors across state lines for sex. He has been denied bail.

Being a prisoner is not new to York. He served a three-year prison sentence on a felony conviction in New York during the 60s for resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

York was arrested this time regarding far more serious charges. In May a 116-count criminal indictment was handed down by a grand jury, which stated that the Nuwaubian leader molested children as young as four. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Last month one angry parent of an alleged victim filed a lawsuit against York in federal court, seeking punitive damages of $1 billion dollars, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

According to the suit York watched pornography with the then 11-year-old girl and had sex with her. The lawsuit states he also made her watch him "sexually abuse other children in a like manner, all for the purpose of gratifying his wicked, depraved, and corrupt sexual appetite.''

York once said, "I am the Supreme Being of This Day and Time, God in Flesh." And his followers celebrated his birthday as "Savior's Day." He also claimed to come fron the planet "Rizq," and that in 2003 an interplanetary spaceship would pick up believers. Perhaps York is now hoping that date could be moved up a bit.

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