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:: April 04, 2003 ::
Was Tucson man's death the result of undue influence?

A man in Tucson seems to have died needlessly while under the influence of a "cult."

But authorities have concluded that no one will be charged, reports the Tucson Citizen.

James Killeen was a follower within a group called "World Ministries" in Tucson, Arizona led by Stan Bennett.

Under Bennett's influence, Killeen a diabetic, undertook a medically dangerous religious fast. He died before the 40-day fast ended.

Members of the group prayed for the man's "resurrection" as his body decomposed for weeks.

Eventually authorities discovered the death.

Killeen's sister said, "If they can pull the wool over my brother's eyes they can brainwash anybody," reported the Arizona Daily Star.

But there is no criminal charge for "brainwashing" someone to death.

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