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:: August 04, 2003 ::
Scientology's political connections paying off?

While Tom Cruise appears to be winding up his latest crusade promoting L. Ron Hubbard's "technology," his fellow Scientologists are "schmoozing" with politicians in an apparent effort to cultivate useful connections.

Florida State senators were spotted attending Scientology functions and one is the majority leader.

United States Congressman Mark Foley of Palm Beach was photographed receiving his very own leather bound copy of Dianetics and The Way to Happiness, with Republican State Committee member Nancy Riley.

The book by Scientology's founder Hubbard is a basic primer for beginners on the path to becoming true believers.

The Church of Scientology ran a photo of Foley and Riley on its website smiling with their hosts.

This was quite a shindig that included 150 handpicked quests from Clearwater to meet with Foley. And it was staged within the opulent ballroom at the Scientology-owned Fort Harrison Hotel.

Scientology crowed on its website about its ability to defeat legislation pending in Florida regarding psychiatry, their ongoing nemesis, concerning prescription drugs.

"They had to tangle with our CCHR [Citizens Commission on Human Rights] Executive Director. And after two weeks of intensive work, she reported that CCHR had defeated not one, not two, but ALL THREE destructive psych bills," Scientology boasted.

Looks like all the political partying and schmoozing by the church and its members is paying off.

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