President Bush may have made history by appointing a long-time follower of a billionaire “cult leader” to a top position of influence.

It seems no president has ever placed someone with such a “cult” portfolio this high in government.

Josette Shiner served Rev. Moon of the Unification Church for decades. After many years at the Washington Times, a newspaper controlled by Moon, she ended her service there as its managing editor.

But perhaps at her new job Shiner may help the self-proclaimed “messiah,” who once made payroll at her former paper possible.

As a deputy U.S. trade representative Josette Shiner will have considerable influence within Asia. Interestingly, this is exactly where her mentor Moon has considerable investments, in nations such as Korea and China.

But no one seems to care about this potential conflict of interest Shiner’s close personal association and historical allegiance to Moon might pose.

“Mrs. Shiner has a wide-ranging and strong background…and past work experience make her a very able candidate for the job in front of her,” crowed Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and chairman of the Finance Committee, quoted within The Washington Times.

However, other than working for Rev. Moon, Shiner has only had a few politically related jobs in the last six years, she also graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

There was no serious opposition from Democrats.

Shiner claims to have recently become an Episcopalian after leaving Moon’s employ in 1997, but has never commented publicly about her supposed change of heart or the Unification Church.

What epiphany persuaded this dedicated “Moonie” to change churches? And wasn’t her conversion just a little bit too convenient?

It appears that Rev. Moon has at last been able to cash in on the millions heaped upon President Bush Sr., not to mention his generous gift to the Bush Presidential library in Houston.

Has the billionaire “messiah” from Korea finally found his own little slice of heaven within the “Washington Beltway” courtesy of Dubya’s White House?


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