A mythology of dark conspiracy theories has evolved around some secret societies. The most popular conspiracies include the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the “Illuminati.” Each group is supposedly bent upon world domination through a vast web of underground plots. At times there are even stories of human sacrifice that amount to blood libel.

There are no objective facts to support these fantasies, but conspiracy theorists really don’t seem to care about that.

One of the big three, which comprise a virtual “Axis of Evil” within the conspiracy mindset, has regular tours of its headquarters in sunny California. The Rosicrucians, who have been called a “cult,” own a multi-acre complex in San Jose.

But instead of dark conspiracies all reporter Gary Singh of the Metro saw was beautiful gardens, a museum, elaborate Egyptian decoration and artifacts. The Rosicrucians sponsored a new exhibit within their Egyptian museum to commemorate their 75th year in San Jose.

The only doctrine Rosicrucians have is to “master your life.” Or as one member said, “To know thyself…[and] learn things yourself.”

Does this sound like a conspiracy? Maybe a bit self-absorbed, but so what.