Leonardo Erobas has been charged with child abuse, reports Philippine Headline News.

Erobas drew attention when he sent sexually explicit photos of sex acts between his followers and minors to members of the Philippine Senate.

Again, the Philippine government has demonstrated it has little tolerance for criminal cults and acted in a matter of days after learning of Erobos’s crimes.

In another related development a jailed cult leader Reuben Ecelo Jr., the leader of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, which is the group Erobas left to form his own cult, was sent to the hospital. Ecelo is awaiting trial for murder.

It seems that after Ecelo returns from the hospital he and his former disciple Erobas may have a sort of cult reunion, hosted by the Philippine government and coordinated by their jailers.

High-powered weapons were seized from the “Benevolent Christian Missionaries Association” during a raid September 24th in the Philippines, reports the Mindanoa Times.

The raid proceeded without incident. The cult’s leader and eight of his followers were taken into custody.

The “Benevolent Christian Missionaries Association” is a splinter group led by “divine master” Thomas Eugenio, that broke away from the larger and more prominent cult known as the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association” (PBMA) in the 1970s.

Ruben Ecleo Jr., leader of the PBMA, is now being held on murder charges.

Obviously, there is nothing “benevolent” about these fanatical and violent groups. And their only “missionary” work seems to be the recruitment of a private army.