The Universal Church Kingdom of God is an organization based in Brazil and led by tycoon Edir Macedo. It has branches around the world including the United States.

The church reportedly takes in more than $1 billion dollars annually.

Macedo has diversified investments in South America, which include a media empire with holdings in television, print news and radio.

But the cash cow of the Macedo Empire seems to still be his church, which manipulates superstition for money. It promotes a belief in amulets and holy oil and conducts public exorcisms.

Such supernatural products and spectacle have attracted a following ultimately produce income through contributions.

Now a new branch of the church in Britain is marketing its ability at “breaking curses,” reports the Waltham Forest Guardian.

Promotional literature says, “This breaking curses method has been used for many years and has proved to be highly successful especially in the lives of those who have tried every other method and failed.”

Of course once your curse is broken you should be grateful and give the church money.

In addition to this unusual pitch regarding supernatural power church members are also working the more traditional mode of fund raising throughout a British neighborhood soliciting contributions. One reporter said he was approached “six times.”

The Universal Church Kingdom of God is currently under investigation by the UK Charity Commission, over child protection issues related to “exorcism” and money distribution.

Macedo has previously been accused of criminal activities in South America including money laundering.

The Universal Church Kingdom of God (UCKG), known for its exorcisms is under investigation by British officials regarding its treatment of children, finances and discrepancies in its constitution, reports Local London.

The church founded by Brazilian preacher now media tycoon Edir Macedo, is being probed for its failure to report concerns about a child’s welfare and transferring funds from its English branch to another in Portugal.

The UCKG has a history of controversy and now one more seems to be brewing. Perhaps it needs to exorcise its own demons?

The Universal Church Kingdom of God, based in Brazil and led by multimillionaire Edir Macedo, “bought an old movie house in Great Britain, according to the Walthamstow Guardian. Macedo was once arrested for fraud and has been accused of laundering money for drug cartels. He claims that millions attend his churches, but the church has been called a “crime organization.” Macedo often buys old cinemas, which is a cheap way of creating large halls to convene his faithful. He also owns a former movie house in downtown Los Angeles.

The church typically targets Spanish speaking communities and has caused controversy wherever it goes. In Brazil one of its leaders desecrated a statue of a Brazilian saint on television, which started street riots. Former members and leaders say the church expects “excessive tithing” and essentially is focused upon fleecing its flock.

A standard service at the Universal Church Kingdom of God often includes emotional exorcisms. This can be quite a show, that frequently includes screaming and general hysteria. Typically a church member is told that some personal problem is really “satanic” in origin and they are brought before the congregation to be “delivered” from its control. A kind of religious theater then begins, culminating in a “casting out” of the dreaded demons.

It seems that the old cinema in Britain recently bought by the Macedo church now has a new feature showing, with regular performances every Sunday.