Convicted murderer and fanatical anti-abortion extremist Paul Hill was executed yesterday reported Newsday.

Hill was the first anti-abortion zealot to be executed in United States history.

The man who murdered a doctor and an abortion clinic escort with a shotgun in 1994 saw himself as a martyr and died unrepentant.

However, despite his delusions Hill will no doubt go down in history as a killer and fanatic.

David Trosch another zealot seemingly cast from the same mix of religious fanaticism that molded the mind of the executed murderer was still ranting.

Trosch told a reporter, “What Paul Hill did was absolutely justified. It was not murder. It was taking the life of a murderer who intended to commit further murders.”

Attorney General Janet Reno once named Trosch and his hero Hill as two of the most dangerous radical anti-abortionists in the US.

That list turned out to be prophetic.

Another man identified by Reno was Matthew Trewhella, who once headed “Missionaries to the pre-born” in Wisconsin.

Perhaps the execution of Paul Hill like that of another self-styled martyr Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, will be a message to the radical fringe that spawned him.

Crimes committed in the name of God will not go unpunished. And such fanatics can expect similar consideration in sentencing as other convicted criminals.

Since the capture, conviction and execution of Timothy McVeigh many radical anti-government groups called “militias” have dwindled and even disbanded.

Hopefully Hill’s execution represents a climactic point for anti-abortion violence and terror.

Li Hongzhi’s devoted followers have been fined for obstructing public places in Hong Kong, reported Associated Press. And once again his people are putting their own spin on the story. It is interesting to see how many reporters in the Western media are taken in and essentially get it wrong when it comes to Falun Gong.

The leader of what China calls an “evil cult” seems to repeatedly seek confrontational situations within China and abroad by proxy through his devoted followers. And though the group is outlawed in Mainland China it is legal in Hong Kong.

Now Hongzhi’s people say they are being “persecuted” in Hong Kong and that China no longer honors the “one country, two systems” promise it made before absorbing the former British colony.

However, Falun Gong not unlike anti-abortionists extemists within the United States, is subject to laws regarding its actions. And like American authorities, the government in Hong Kong is doing something about the behavior of demonstrators. Obstructing public access and creating a nuisance is against the law in both countries. In the US anti-abortion activists have been arrested, prosecuted, fined and/or subjected to lawsuits and punitive damages.

But despite the obvious comparisons between fanatics in both countries, many within the American press seem to prefer a rather one-sided and “politically correct” view of Falun Gong.