TVIND, the charity that is often called a “cult,” is still actively recruiting young people, even though its leader is facing criminal charges in Denmark, reports Britain’s Evening News.

Amdi Peterson was arrested in the US and extradited to Denmark to face charges of tax evasion. He is now free pending trial.

But TVIND recruiters are working the streets of England and running newspapers ads to lure in new volunteers there.

Those recruits will work for the organization overseas, often in substandard living conditions. It is alleged that the group employs “brainwashing” to control its people.

Peterson lived the luxurious life of wealthy tycoon in an exclusive condo hideaway in Florida, while his volunteers toiled in Third World countries.

It appears there was little if any meaningful accountability for the “cult leader” within his charity kingdom.

Perhaps Peterson’s day of reckoning will come soon.

Hongbao Zhang, 49, leader of the Zhong Gong movement, fled arrest in China during 2001 to eventual asylum in the United States claiming “religious persecution.”

However, Chinese officials said he was really an “evil cult leader” with a history of crimes against his followers including rape.

Zhang countered that such charges were “trumped up” as a device to suppress his “new religious movement.”

But now the “cult leader” is charged with violent crimes in the US.

It seems Zhang beat up and terrorized his maid. He is charged with five felonies including kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment, reports Reuters.

The “cult leader” was released on $300,000.00 bail and is back at his “gated estate” within a pricey California neighborhood. He apparently has no problem raising cash.

Zhang evidently also had the resources to retain one of the most expensive lawyers in California. Robert Shapiro, of O.J. Simpson fame now represents him.

Interestingly, it seems Shapiro may be cultivating “cult leaders” as a lucrative new area for his law practice. The attorney previously represented Amdi Pederson, another alleged “cult leader” that faced criminal extradition proceedings.

It seems rather than being “persecuted,” as Zhang once claimed, he might just be exactly what the Chinese authorities have said all along, a criminal “cult leader.” And he is certainly living a life of luxury in the US, with a staff of servants in his “gated estate.”

Maybe human rights activists who so readily crusade for alleged “cult leaders” such as Li Hongzhi, the exiled leader of Falun Gong, should take a closer look before believing their claims and embracing their cause?

Amdi Petersen leader of the global “charity” organization Tvind, which has been called a “cult,” was released from a Danish jail this morning, reports Tvind Alert.

Members of the so-called “Tvind Teachers Group” picked up Petersen in a silver Mercedes.

Peterson still faces criminal charges for “fraud and breach of trust,” but will remain free on bail until his trial resumes in February.

A luxury condo Petersen occupied in Florida was recently sold for more than $4 million dollars.

It is said that the Tvind leader lived in luxury while his less fortunate followers often suffered in substandard living conditions.

Some fear that Petersen is a flight risk.

Tvind continues to maintain branches around the world, including some within the United States.

Tvind goes by many names such as Institute for International Co-operation and Development (IICD), Planet Aid, Humana or Humana People-to-People, DAPP (Development Aid from People to People), ADDP (Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo), UFF (Ulanashjaelp fra Folk till Folk) and NetUp.

Amdi Pederson the founder and head of Tvind/Humana is now back in his native Denmark, according to “Tvind Alert.”

Pederson was extradited from the United States after spending some time in a Los Angeles jail.

He was first indicted for financial fraud and tax evasion by Danish authorities and then a warrant was issued for his arrest. The “cult leader” was caught at LAX before boarding a flight. Mr. Pederson won’t be flying again anytime soon.

The Tvind founder first fought extradition and then caved in, some say because he knew jail would be easier in Denmark. He landed in Copenhagen International Airport yesterday.

It seems that “every dog has it’s day,” well at least in Denmark. European governments have repeatedly demonstrated they are far less likely than the US to look the other way regarding cults and their abuses. Amdi Pederson is now the most recent example of that reality.

TVIND a controversial Danish charity with branches around the world has been called a “cult.” And its leader Amdi Pederson is now in jail facing criminal charges for fraud.

One TVIND charity was donated clothing supposedly used to help the poor of the Third World. However, through an elaborate scheme, TVIND sold the clothes for profit and used the proceeds for itself. It appears only a tiny fraction actually went to the poor.

However, the Danish stores that once allowed TVIND to place its collection bins on their property have withdrawn their cooperation, reports the Copenhagen Post.

Meanwhile TVIND’s leader has fallen from a Florida penthouse to the jailhouse. Amdi Pederson says he should be released on bail because of his age and ill health. But a new book about TVIND by a former member rejects such claims, quotes the Copenhagen Post.

Perhaps Mr. Pederson should think about living conditions in Third World and the illnesses its people face. Obviously, if he had really focused his attention upon this, he wouldn’t be in the fix he is in now.

Once the United States was a playground for purported “cult leader” Amdi Peterson. But now he’s traded in his multi-million dollar digs for more modest accommodations in a LA jail. Peterson is being held on criminal charges filed by his native Denmark pending extradition.

Amdi Peterson hired O.J. Simpson’s former lawyer Robert Shapiro to represent him. But despite the lawyer’s help he will soon be on his way home to face criminal charges according to the Associated Press.

Mr. Peterson once lived a lavish lifestyle in a $6 million dollar penthouse on exclusive Fisher Island in Florida. But while he took in the sun and walked his dogs on the beach, the members of his charity organization called “Tvind” often-struggled in substandard living conditions.

Tvind was supposedly established to help the needy in Third World countries. But it seems now that it became little more than Peterson’s personal piggy bank. While many workers for the charity humbled themselves and surrendered their assets for the cause, Peterson spent more than $600,000 just decorating his bachelor pad. Tvind also shelled out $21,000 per month to maintain his country club Florida lifestyle.

However, now it doesn’t look like playboy Peterson will stroll along the beach again anytime soon.