A mystery that still persists about the Oklahoma City bombing that claimed the lives of 168 people, is who cooperated with Timothy McVeigh to perpetrate or plan the mass murder?

FBI files now being discussed seem to indicate McVeigh may not have acted alone and perhaps conspired with members of a white supremacist group named “Elohim City” in Oklahoma, reports the Oakland Tribune.

Racist Robert Millar who died in 2001 led the group often called a “cult.”

McVeigh and Millar seemingly have taken secrets to their graves.

What is not secret is the milieu, which brought forth the mindset of the convicted murderer McVeigh.

He submerged himself within a subculture that included anti-government extremists and “militias” for some time before bombing the Murrah Building. His hatred was fed by conspiracy theories, most of all about the Waco Davidian standoff.

Millar like David Koresh maintained an isolated compound. Did he or some of his followers fear the FBI would scrutinize them next after the Waco cult leader’s rule ended in tragedy?

The murky paranoid subculture that transformed Timothy McVeigh from army veteran to mad bomber still exists within America.