A puff piece was run about an old and now relatively obscure “cult” group called the “Love Israel Family,” within the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The reporter offers up virtually any apology the group and/or its leader use to explain its current status of financial ruin and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

But the truth seems to be that leader “Love Israel,” who all the group members are named after–just blew it.

It looks like the guru, previously a salesman named Paul Erdman, is simply a bad businessman and failed thinker.

Love Family once had hundreds of members at its peak, but now has only 55 diehard followers left, living on land that may be foreclosed upon sometime soon. The group owes one bank more than a million dollars.

But maybe bankruptcy will finally bring members “salvation,” just not the kind they envision.

The final remnant still clinging to Love Israel after a mass walk out amidst allegations of corruption in 1983, may be forced to let go of their guru and get an independent life of their own.

Aging Israel 62, may then be forced to get a day job.