The Church of Bible Understanding (COBU) founded by Stewart Trail has often been called a “cult.” COBU and its history were reviewed recently within the Scranton Times.

Stewart Trail, the group’s founder was profiled, as were some former members. Their long-term involvement reflects how many cult members sacrifice decades to such groups, reports the Scranton Times.

The articles revealed several aspects about groups often called “cults.”

A charismatic personality like Trail is typically in control and defines the group.

Members are frequently driven to attain a level of conduct or perfectionism that is not really plausible. Therefore members often feel they can never be good enough. This fosters low self-esteem and engenders deeper dependency upon the group and its leaders.

These are just two warning signs regarding involvement with a potentially unsafe group.

Also the articles sadly reflect how long cult groups can endure, regardless of reported abuse, defections and repeated exposure.

Stewart Trail seems to be a rather stereotypical sociopath or psychopath, much like other purported “cult leaders,” exploiting and abusing his disciples with little concern or conscience regarding their welfare.

COBU has existed for decades and began in the New York City area.