Chicago Judge Joan Lefkow returned to her home last night to find both her husband and mother shot dead. The federal judge had previously been targeted in a Neo-Nazi murder plot.

Judge Lifkow was an obsessive fixation for white supremacist Matthew Hale; the self-proclaimed “Pontifex Maximus” head of a hate group once called “World Church of the Creator,” later renamed “The Creativity Movement.”

The name Hale first chose for his group already belonged to a benign church, which didn’t appreciate the confusion he caused, so they sued.

Judge Lefkow eventually ordered Hale not to use that name and to purge it from all his group’s literature and its Web site.

Hale hated her for that and plotted revenge.

But the plan hatched by the former “Pontifex” from East Peoria failed and he was found guilty for “solicitation of murder.” Hale is now locked up in jail within the loop of downtown Chicago pending sentencing.

Ironically though, Judge Lifkow actually had first sided with Hale, supporting his right to use the contested name.

However, a higher court forced the Chicago jurist to amend her ruling and she then meted out the required restrictions.

Nevertheless in the twisted mind of Mattew Hale Judge Lefkow became his hated enemy and the font of perceived “persecution.”

Hale considers himself a “political prisoner” and remains both a hero and martyr to many within the dark subculture often called the hate movement.

One Internet site the “Vanguard News Network” has posts of praise for “Dr. Hale” under the heading “White Revolution.” He is portrayed as the victim of “persecution” perpetrated by the “Devil Jew.”

Reportedly another Internet site described Judge Lifkow as “a white woman married to a Jew with three mixed-race grandchildren,” while yet another Web site made public her home address.

Hale once said, “Some people go out and hunt deer…I think it’s a hell of a lot more sporting to hunt a Jew.”

But Hale’s hunting days are over and it is unlikely that he was able to order the murders from his jail cell, where his contact with the outside world is closely monitored.

Instead, it appears likely that those sympathetic with Hale and inspired by his rhetoric of hate may have finally fulfilled his hope for revenge by murdering the judge’s husband and mother.

If so, this would not be the first time Hale has inspired murder.

Benjamin Smith, a follower inspired by Hale, went on a shooting spree in 1999 killing two and injuring nine before taking his own life. This occurred after an adverse court ruling, which effectively ended his hero’s effort to become a practicing lawyer in Illinois.

“I strongly suspect that the denial of my law license set him off,” Hale told CNN.

Are the Lefkow family murders, yet another example of someone “set…off” by Hales circumstances?

All this can be seen within the context of a purported “Racial Holy War” called “Rahowa” against so-called “ZOG,” which one Web site explains is “an acronym for Zionist Occupation Government.” A term used to describe “the assortment of traitors and Zionist lackeys who control most of the White nations on this planet.”

Just such paranoid delusions may have formed the basis and/or rationalization for the recent murders in Chicago.

The National Alliance sells marching music for “Rahowa” on CD. This was the brainchild of deceased Neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, author of the notorious “Turner Diaries,” which inspired Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

McVeigh executed his plan for revenge on the second anniversary of the fiery end of the Waco Davidian compound, April 19, 1995.

Is it only a fluke that the Chicago killings yesterday occurred on February 28th, which is the 12th anniversary of the ill-fated BATF raid on that same cult compound?

Waco has been a battle cry for anti-government extremists for more than a decade.

The FBI is now investigating the Lefkow murders and as they already know it only takes one deranged true believer to create mayhem and commit murder.

Judge Lefkow is under the protection of federal marshals.

Note: Bart Ross, another disgruntled litigant who lost before Judge Lefkow, later confessed to the murders in a suicide note. His DNA matched that found at the crime scene. Ross had no known connection to a hate group or Matthew Hale.

Hate group leader Matt Hale feels the “Windy City” isn’t blowing his way, reports Associated Press.

The jailed former head of the so-called “World Church of the Creator,” now named “The Creativity Movement,” wants a coming criminal trial moved to his hometown of Peoria, where he lived with his father.

But it’s unlikely the judge will grant a change of venue. The racist’s trial is currently scheduled for September.

Hale has been on a losing streak for some time.

First, he was refused admission to the Illinois State Bar, upheld on appeal.

Then he lost the use of the name “World Church of the Creator,” which actually was originated by a group in Oregon.

It was that setback that apparently led to Hale losing it entirely.

Then it seems a federal judge became the focus of his fury. Hale is charged for plotting to murder that judge.

A Chicago jail cell is now Hale’s new home. And he may not get back to the old bedroom at Daddy’s house for a long time.

Hate group leader Matt Hale may be locked up, but his progeny still find ways to make trouble.

Hale headed a group once called “World Church of the Creator,” but is now in jail pending trial charged in an alleged murder plot to kill a federal judge.

However, Hale’s legal status hasn’t stopped his cronies from stirring up more trouble.

Repeatedly the courts have ruled that Hale’s “church” had no right to its name, which was originated by someone else. In what seemed like an effort of compliance he changed its title to “The Creativity Movement.”

However, in what looks like a brazen attempt to reject the rulings of US courts, the group has now launched a new website using the old name again, but this time based in Australia, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Apparently Hale’s remaining faithful feel having an Internet server overseas somehow precludes previous domestic legal decisions.

This hate group has certainly given new meaning to the old adage “sore losers.”

It seems that even a murder plot to kill an unfriendly judge who ruled against them, just wasn’t enough to vent their anger and/or let off steam.

These losers seem still in the midst of the “mother of all temper tantrums.”

Matt Hale wasn’t wearing a suit for his court appearance this time.

The East Peoria, Illinois resident and leader of the “World Church of the Creator” had a history of filing lawsuits and appearing in court through various actions and appeals.

But this time the would-be lawyer was more befittingly attired in a plain orange jumpsuit, the dress required for jailhouse residents.

Even though the hate group leader’s father was hoping to post $200,000 bail for his son, Hale was refused release, reports Associated Press.

A US Magistrate rejected a bail request and instead set Hale’s trial date for July.

The racist is charged with plotting to murder a federal judge who ruled against him in a lawsuit.

Hopefully, the white supremacist’s wardrobe will eventually evolve into more conservative prison garb.

Hale does seem to like uniforms, but probably didn’t have this one in mind for his wardrobe.

Matt Hale the self-proclaimed “Pontifus Maximus” of the hate group called the “World Church of the Creator” was arrested recently for allegedly plotting to kill a federal judge.

However, according to a Hale groupie in Wyoming it’s all just bogus, reports the Casper Star-Tribune.

Thomas Kroenke says, ”The very idea that an intelligent man, such as P.M. (Pontifus Maximus) Hale, would be so foolish to conspire to murder a judge over any issue, much less an issue we are winning, is absurd.” Kroenke is the man Hale appointed to lead the group in Wyoming.

Hale may have a law degree, but apparently his intelligence can’t find a way to cash in on that diploma. And he still lives with his father. Needless to say his racist views and conspiracy theories are hardly original and are instead the reiterated rant of other like-minded hate mongers. Hale even failed to pick an original name for his group.

What’s so “intelligent” about all that?

Clearly, regardless of the outcome of Hale’s current criminal case, his followers will continue to believe whatever their “P.M.” says. They likely will consign the evidence, prosecution and/or “PM’s” possible conviction, to yet another conspiracy theory.

Hate group leader Matt Hale, now charged for planning to murder a federal judge, will be held in jail pending a hearing on Monday, reports Associated Press and WMTW.

Hale had planned to lead a racist rally over the weekend against African refugees in Lewiston, Maine. However, the self-proclaimed “Pontifex Maximus” of the World Church of the Creator, will now be unable to attend.

Hale will instead be taking a much-needed rest within a Chicago jail, as ordered by the court. His supporters will just have to spin conspiracy theories and continue hating without him.

Hale could be sentenced to twenty years in prison if found guilty. Maybe his followers should start looking for a new “Pontifex Maximus” soon?

Matt Hale the leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” apparently decided that hate mail and rage just wasn’t enough when it came to U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow.

A ruling by the federal judge riled Hale so much, according to the criminal charges now pending against him, the hate group leader planned to kill her.

Hale is now charged with solicitation of murder and may end up in prison for 20 years, reports CNN.

Judge Lefkow ruled that Hale’s group must stop using its name, because another organization that had it first objected. This ruling required Hale to destroy all material, which included the name and make appropriate changes at his Web site.

Maybe that was the “last straw” for Hale who has had one setback after another.

The Illinois State Bar rejected him and despite his law degree, Hale could not practice in that state. And he lost subsequent appeals.

Hale also lost one bid after another to become a member of the East Peoria City Council.

It just seems like Matt Hale has become a serial loser. The unmarried racist doesn’t even have his own home and instead lives with his father.

However, living with daddy must seem fine when compared to the distinct possibility of setting up housekeeping in a prison cell.

It appears that this serial loser may soon even lose his freedom.

The so-called “World Church of the Creator” can no longer use its name.

The hate group founded by non-practicing attorney Matt Hale lost the right to its purported name, according to a federal judge’s ruling in Illinois, reports Associated Press.

It is not surprising that the church that originated the name in the state of Washington doesn’t like Hale abusing its good name. They want him to cease and desist immediately.

But Hale is not known for accepting court rulings. He rejects the judge’s findings and no doubt will appeal.

The one thing Hale can use his law degree for in Illinois is acting pro se. But the Illinois State Bar won’t allow the racist to practice law on behalf of any other clients.

Hale appealed that decision, but repeatedly lost.

The white supremacist has also lost two bids for East Peoria City Council.

Hale does seem to be a loser, albeit a “sore loser” and now he has even lost his name.

Hate groups hope to exploit problems in Maine

Somalia once ravaged by war and famine was the focus of American intervention, first by President Bush Sr. and later by Bill Clinton. One result of that humanitarian effort was an influx of refugees searching for a better life in the United States.

Many Somalians eventually migrated to Lewiston, Maine and have apparently strained the social service network there.

Now hate groups such as the National Alliance and World Church of the Creator have descended upon Maine hoping to exploit whatever tensions exist, reports the Associated Press.

The National Alliance in particular seems desperate to prove itself viable as a purveyor of hate since the death of its founder William Pierce. The group littered Lewiston with handouts.

Matt Hale’s World Church of the Creator plans a rally in the town next month.

America once hosted the immigrant ancestors of these hate mongers, but they have little respect for that tradition, especially if those in need now are not white.

Ironically, the activities of such groups in Lewiston only serve to remind New Englanders about the ugliness of hate. Maybe in this sense the National Alliance serves some purpose.

The United States has always been a melting pot of people from different lands. Let’s hope the pot gets hot enough to one-day burn off the likes of Hale.

Matt Hale the founder and leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” says it’s moving.

Well, not exactly.

Though Hale claims his “world headquarters” will officially move to a new address in a small Wyoming town he will remain in Peoria, Illinois, reports Associated Press.

The white supremacist apparently just wants some of his followers to set up shop out West.

However, whatever Hale says must be taken with more than a little skepticism. The ardent racist has a history of making misleading statements, such as listing himself as an “attorney” on the Internet, when in fact he can’t practice law in Illinois.

Hale has a law degree, but the not so popular Peoria resident couldn’t convince the Illinois State Bar to let him in.

There is an old adage that a man cannot be a “prophet in his own land.” In Hale’s case this also includes being a lawyer.

Maybe Hale should try his luck in Wyoming? Peoria just might give the racist a rousing send off.