Alfonso Acampora 61, the head of a controversial drug rehab program called Walden House in California committed suicide this past weekend, reports the Oakland Tribune.

Walden House was largely based upon the Synanon model; a scandal ridden drug rehab community founded by the infamous Charles Dederich, which was often called a “cult.”

Acampora and his organization historically also experienced a series of scandals and troubling revelations.

Repeated allegations of “mind games,” graft, corruption and welfare fraud have swirled around the Walden House.

Recently the organization and its leaders were being increasingly scrutinized.

The San Francisco Health Commission has been pressuring Walden House about its finances and encouraging a complete revamping of its financial reporting system.

Acampora received an annual salary of almost $200,000 plus benefits.

But despite his income and status, the former drug addict and convict who rose to political influence, booked a room in a luxury hotel and shot himself in the head Sunday.

What was it that Acampora couldn’t live with?