A 22-year-old man affiliated with Neo Nazi groups decided to vandalize what he apparently believed to be a “Jewish” house of worship in Mobile, Alabama.

The man arrested, Thomas Hayward Lewis, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, criminal possession of explosives and possession of a controlled substance.

The words “Juden raus,” which is German for “Jews get out,” was spray painted on a building occupied by a religious group known as the “Congregation Tree of Life.”

However, the congregation named is really not Jewish at all, but rather composed of self-proclaimed “Messianic Jews” that are essentially fundamentalist Christians who “believe” in “Jesus Christ,” reports the Press Register.

After all, a belief in Jesus is what defines Christians and Christianity, not Jews, who historically are defined by a belief in Judaism.

To put this in context imagine a group of Krishna devotees declaring that they were somehow fulfilled “Krishna Christians.”

And the young Nazi is either too ignorant or just plain stupid to make such distinctions.

It seems that within this idiot’s confused mind pretended “Jews” are as likely as real Jews to become the focus of his wrath.

Ironically, the neo-Nazi and the targeted congregation actually appear to share at least one thing in common.

That is, both would like to see an eventual end to Judaism, as we know it, albeit by different means.

One peacefully through religious conversion and the other through violent extermination.

A Neo Nazi couple was arrested in Los Angeles for stockpiling bomb-making materials reports KABC in LA.

John Frederick Steele, 29, leader of the “Brandenburg Division” of the Aryan Nations and his girlfriend Christine Greenwood, 28 had “BBs, nails and razor blades” apparently intended to be used as “shrapnel.”

Steele is a security guard for the Port of Los Angeles.

But the seizure took place two years ago. Authorities were somehow reluctant to take immediate action, despite Steele’s sensitive security position and the potential risk to public safety.

A Deputy District Attorney in LA said, “Given the concern with both international and domestic terrorism on that front, (and) with the potential for incoming weapons, we felt that that might be a security breach.”

It took him two years to figure that out?

Domestic terrorism is still a grave concern in the US. Many experts still believe the anthrax terrorist may have been an American and not a foreign national.

It is important to remember that until the destruction of the World Trade Center, it was American Timothy McVeigh, who held the record for the most horrific act of terrorism in the United States.

There is still a plethora of potentially dangerous hate groups and extremists that pose potential threats to public safety in America.

It is unsettling to think that an alleged Neo Nazi terrorist known to have possessed lethal weapons was let loose and allowed to provide “security” at a major US port of entry.

Perhaps the new federal department of Homeland Security needs to educate law enforcement in Los Angeles?

It seems a new trend amongst Neo Nazis is tattooing children with a swastika.

In Logan, Utah it’s alleged that one family decided to do this. A home care worker observed the mark on an 8-month-old child’s head, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities acknowledged that White Supremacists are migrating to the rural areas of Utah. If they will disfigure their own children, what are they capable of doing to their neighbors?