Scott Caruthers was arrested and charged for plotting to murder four people. He led a group called “Beta Dominion Xenophilia” (BDX), which has been called a “cult.”

But the alleged “cult leader” cut a deal with prosecutors and yesterday was released from jail for “time served,” reports the Baltimore Sun.

After being locked up for 19 months pending trial Caruthers chose a plea agreement rather than take his chances in court. That agreement includes a suspended sentence of 40 years and probation.

The BDX leader entered what is called an “Alford plea,” which means Caruthers conceded that prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict him, but he did not specifically admit guilt.

However, the judge found him guilty. And the typically talkative man had nothing to say in court before sentencing.

Caruthers later spoke and claimed, “There is not now, nor has there ever been, a cult of any kind.”

But others have described BDX as a bizarre “cult,” which included the claim that Caruthers communicated with a “mother ship” through cats.

He admits, “I write science fiction. … To be a writer, you have to be prolific in your imagination.”

It looks like BDX was based upon such “science fiction.”

Caruthers also said somewhat cryptically, “God knows who I am.”

Whatever the now convicted criminal thinks he is and/or has told others, he should be careful.

If this man with the “prolific…imagination” cooks up another criminal conspiracy even the “mother ship” won’t be able to help him. And he will likely be locked up for a very long time.

Tell that to the cat.

Scott Caruthers created a “cult” called “Beta Dominion Xenophilia” or BDX in Baltimore. And it seems that he didn’t take disloyalty lightly. One of his followers was marked for murder because she somehow demonstrated less than the expected fealty to her leader, reports the Maryland Sun.

Now Caruthers is claiming an insanity defense.

What was once apparently an article of faith amongst BDX members now may be largely the basis for that defense. The 57-year-old “cult” leader claims he is a “space alien” that communicates with a “mothership” via cats.

But despite such bizarre claims, which most people would call “crazy,” the prosecution’s psychiatrist says Caruthers is at least sane enough to stand trial. Maryland must have a pretty low threshold for sanity.

This rather twisted criminal case is now winding its way forward to the courtroom and Caruthers’ counsel is trying to suppress evidence. Apparently the “alien” from outer space especially liked the sound of his own voice and archived incriminating recordings.

Could this be a case when a “cult” leader’s own rants convict him?

It remains unclear at this time if any cats will be called to offer corroborating testimony.