Cult of Elvis

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the King, Elvis Presley. He was a man who enthralled more than one generation and became an American icon. Now a quarter century after his untimely death, his seemingly eternal fans are still fixed upon his image in homage.

Unlike destructive cults, Presley’s following is not suicidal or violent, though at times to some they may seem a bit odd. But despite their apparent euphoria, they are not “brainwashed.” Instead, they fondly remember simpler times and the music of a man who defined rock ‘n roll, before the “British Invasion.”

Elvis Presley exuded sexuality and caused controversy through the gyrating and unorthodox presentation of his music. But there was always something nice and vulnerable about him. The Elvis faithful now celebrate his memory. And it’s nice to know that cults can be benign and posit something special in society. “Don’t be cruel.”


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