The 60s Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi didn’t fade away, he just got really rich. The bearded wonder who once bewitched the “Fab Four” is now an octogenarian, and has access to more money than Paul McCartney. But apparently he misses the British Isles a “wee bit.”

Maharishi, who introduced the world to something called “Transcendental Meditation” or TM and claims he can teach people to fly, is now looking for the right spot to build his very own meditation “palace” to promote peace. And it looks like Scotland might be the lucky winner, reports The Independent in the UK.

Tillydrone in Aberdeen, which is known for its drunks, burglaries and drugs, may soon be famous for TM flyers and its very own “vedic cetre.” The old guru says this could become one of his “lighthouses of coherence.”

Maybe Maharishi will teach all the vagrants in Tillydrone to fly, so they can at least leave during the winter for warmer digs. This might give the Scots some real peace.


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