The founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard liked uniforms and bragged about his military service record, Scientologists called him the “Commodore.” Many of Scientology’s full-time workers are assigned to its “Sea Organization” and they often wear blue uniforms.

Now Scientology has bought new uniforms for some Florida firemen, as reported by the St. Petersburg Times. Scientology has been quite active with firefighters since September 11th and received a certain amount of attention and publicity for that involvement.

So for the first time since Scientology moved into Clearwater, Florida in 1975, they donated money to the city. Scientologists gave $3,300 to make sure the city’s fire department “honor guard” looks good.

The “Commodore,” though now deceased, probably would have approved; he liked brass buttons and navy blue too. And the donation offered yet another photo opportunity for Scientologists, when they posed for pictures presenting the firemen with a big check.

Shortly after Scientology moved into Clearwater it began buying up downtown, which at first caused controversy. Some say they have increasingly come to dominate the community and that their influence expands annually.


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