Once upon a time there was a BBB (Bored Boston Banker) sitting in front of his computer screen surfing the Internet. He discovered that the Church of Scientology was waging war on the Worldwide Web against its critics, and he didn’t like it. So that BBB, named Bob (Robert Minton), decided to begin a personal crusade.

The multi-millionaire banker, some see as eccentric, then became fixated upon Scientology as his nemesis. He spent millions of dollars to fund lawsuits against the organization and generally dug into his deep pockets to help its critics. He even created a trust exclusively for this purpose. But Scientology, always vigilant when it comes to its perceived enemies, targeted Minton and apparently made him “Number One” on its hit list. The two foes then locked horns for years of mortal combat.

However, this saga has now come to an ironic end within a Florida courtroom. Despite years of battling with Scientology, Mr. Minton has become its star witness. He now essentially supports Scientology’s current effort to dismiss and/or undermine a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the organization, which he once financed. In an increasingly bizarre turn, Minton seems to have friendly meetings with his former foes to discuss his new role helping them.

It is said that Scientology stalked, harassed and ultimately forced Bob Minton through increasing pressure to flip and change sides. Whatever happened one thing is certain, Mr. Minton is no longer a BBB, but he probably hopes to become one again soon.


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