In an article that repeats themes similar to many news stories that have appeared in recent years, writer Jim Baker of the Lawrence Journal draws distinctions between the beliefs of Wiccans, witches and the popular image of “Satanists.”

Generally, Wiccans, witches and/or Neo-Pagans may appear somewhat eccentric or unorthodox to most Americans, but are actually a rather benign lot. They typically don’t proselytize, “harm none” and mind their own business. But the claim often made by adherents, that their expression of Paganism or Wicca has a long and/or ancient history, has largely been historically dismissed.

Despite the television images of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” or Samantha her sit-com predecessor from the 60s show “Bewitched,” modern witches seem to fit more within the subculture of “New Age” believers.


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