Amdi Pederson the founder and head of Tvind/Humana is now back in his native Denmark, according to “Tvind Alert.”

Pederson was extradited from the United States after spending some time in a Los Angeles jail.

He was first indicted for financial fraud and tax evasion by Danish authorities and then a warrant was issued for his arrest. The “cult leader” was caught at LAX before boarding a flight. Mr. Pederson won’t be flying again anytime soon.

The Tvind founder first fought extradition and then caved in, some say because he knew jail would be easier in Denmark. He landed in Copenhagen International Airport yesterday.

It seems that “every dog has it’s day,” well at least in Denmark. European governments have repeatedly demonstrated they are far less likely than the US to look the other way regarding cults and their abuses. Amdi Pederson is now the most recent example of that reality.


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