The daughter of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and niece of the President of the United States Noelle Bush 25, has been a resident of a Florida drug treatment facility since Spring. But this apparently didn’t stop her from getting crack cocaine while staying at “The Center for Drug Free Living,” reports Newsweek.

Despite the center’s “written policy,” which instructs its staff to report illegal drug possession to the police, when they found drugs in the possesion of Noelle Bush it was not reported. And when police arrived the staff refused to cooperate. How did law-enforcement find out? Another patient at the center phoned them.

Why did Noelle Bush apparently receive “special treatment” at a drug treatment center?

Is it possible they had some concerns about their funding and/or other support? The “Center for Drug Free Living” is a recipient of both federal and state grants.

Ironically, the Bush family has championed very strict drug rehabilitation programs. They have supported the “Drug Free America Foundation,” formerly known as “Straight,” which was founded by long-time political allies and Bush friends Mel and Betty Sembler.

Straight had a deeply troubled history of lawsuits, bad press and complaints. Some former participants and families compared its harsh authoritarian methods to a “cult.”

Never the less the Bush family supported the Sembler’s organized anti-drug crusade, through its various incarnations. And the wealthy Semblers have been generous to Bush political campaigns and the Republican Party.

Mel Sembler has been appointed to two ambassadorships by Bush presidents. He is currently serving as the United States Ambassador to Italy.

Ironically, it seems that the drug treatment facility Noelle Bush now is in has not upheld the strict standards historically embraced and promoted by both the Semblers and the Bush family.

One expert told Newsweek, “It’s important that addicted people that run into trouble be held to the same standards.”

But it appears that both “The Center for Drug Free Living” and the Bush family have accepted and/or set different standards for the care and treatment of Noelle Bush, which are rather inconsistent with their past positions.


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