Guru 4 U

Gurus are a burgeoning growth industry. The Observer in Great Britain reports that the guru craze, which includes everything from a “Life Coach” to a “Yoga” teacher is a booming business.

It seems like some people are so lonely and/or lost they are willing to pay for a friend, sycophant or supposed “seer” to answer life’s questions or simply tell them what to do.

There is even a “blow job” guru, who instructs housewives, how to keep husbands happy, which apparently is not a spiritual approach.

Celebrity guru Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa has her own guru, “Yogi Bhajan” leader of 3HO, which has been called a “cult.” So does this mean Bhajan has a guru franchise, or are Khalsa’s students getting two gurus for the price of one?

One thing is for sure; there is money to be made in Guruland.


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