Jim and Tammy Faye Baker developed a cult following for their special brand of tearful televangelism in the 80s. However, this ended abruptly when Mr. Baker was sent to prison for a fraud conviction.

Tammy Faye did not “stand by her man.” Instead she divorced Baker, but not her trademark mascara.

Now Jim Baker at 62 prefers attempting a comeback rather than early retirement, reports Knight Ridder. He will broadcast a new show from a restaurant. It’s not clear what the former televangelist has cooked up, but he seems to hope that his old audience will forgive him and tune in. Well, at least the ones he didn’t defraud.

Baker would probably have better luck with a cooking show. What about taking some tips from Chef Emeril Lagasse and creating a spin-off for the Food Network—maybe “A ‘Bam’ from the Lord”?


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