Aging 60s guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi makes his own money, reports the Des Moines Register.

Iowa is the home of “Maharishi University” and nearby is “Vedic City,” a new town created by the guru’s devotees. In an interesting development, residents, students and tourists can trade dollars for the new “Raam.”

The currency is accepted by some businesses selling souvenirs, services and snacks in and around Transcendental Meditation’s new hometown, but many Iowa residents reject it.

The scheme to create the new currency is not surprising, Maharishi is an old pro at the guru game and can coax his followers to do almost anything. And he seems willing to do almost anything for a buck, or is that a “Raam”? It would be surprising if the guru converted his personal assets into this funny money.

The Raam appears to be backed by little more than an ego, which suffers from a long history of inflation.


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