John Trochman, the self-proclaimed Montana “militia” leader made it into print again within the Billings Gazette. Of course as usual, the former snowmobile parts seller saw conspiracies everywhere.

An interview with Trochman sounds like a “snow job” though, so maybe he really didn’t distance himself that much from his snowmobile business after all.

Trochman promotes for sale an array of conspiracy related survivalist wares at his much touted website.

He sells everything from a compass for $3.00 to “radiological meters” at $65 bucks apiece. Sleeping bags for the paranoid on the run are only $6.00, $20.00 for the waterproof model. There are frequent price cuts for double purchases, so two can be delusional for a discount. And of course there’s Trochman’s newsletter “Taking Aim,” which is $25.00 for twelve issues.

But the “militia” business hasn’t been good lately. Interest waned after the execution of Timothy McVeigh and the many arrests of “militia” participants certainly didn’t help to alleviate the slump. However, it seems that going back to snowmobiles is not appealing to John Trochman.

Despite his rhetoric Mr. Trochman appears to be more about merchandising and mailing lists than “militias.” So is all his talk about dark conspiracies little more than a “snow job” to promote sales?


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