And Indian publication “The Week” ran an article about “Fake Healing,” which reports the exploits of one supposed healer named Alex Orbito.

Orbito is a so-called “psychic surgeon.” This means he can somehow penetrate the body and literally pull out illness, such as cancer, tumors or whatever. However, it seems Orbito and his entourage became rather “testy” if not hostile when pressed for objective proof of the healer’s work.

No meaningful evidence was forthcoming and Orbito appears to be little more than a con man exploiting the frailties of others. But his stage show, complete with “blood” after psychic incisions, offers more visually than many American healers.

Benny Hinn is an itinerant Pentecostal healer from the United States who gathers thousands to witness his healing crusades at various venues around the globe. Hinn’s organization draws millions of dollars in contributions annually, which affords the pastor a very comfortable lifestyle.

Interestingly Hinn has an extravagant comb over hairstyle, which is an obvious effort to conceal his receding hairline. Why can’t the preacher heal himself? It would seem a simple task from a man who claims he has witnessed cancer remissions and limbs grow through his crusades. Can’t he grow some hair on his own head?

Perhaps the Lord does work mysteriously. Hinn like Orbito, can’t produce objective proof of his healing either. A good book to read about this burgeoning business is “The Faith Healers” by James Randi, a noted skeptic.


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